Musique à Castelreng Festival
July 15 - 23 2009

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    The Concert Programme The Concert Programme

    The Musique à Castelreng Festival presents four concerts during the week, July 17-22, three of which will be held in the village of Castelreng with the final Gala Concert will be held in the Eglise de l’Assomption in Limoux.


    The Concert Programme

    Friday 17th July 2009 at 21h
    Venue : CASTELRENG

    Young Virtuosi String Orchestra

    Programme :
    E. Grieg: Holberg Suite
    W.A. Mozart: Divertimento in F Major (Salzburg Symphony No. 2)
    S. Barber: Adagio for Strings
    A. Dvorak: Serenade for Strings

    With works showcasing the beauty and range of the repertoire, the opening concert of the Young Virtuosi Festival 2009 is a celebration of the power and brilliance of the string orchestra sound. The concert begins in electric fashion with Grieg’s Holberg Suite, written in 1884 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Danish-Norwegian playwright Ludvig Holberg, before continuing with a glimpse of the classic genius of Mozart, in the form of his delightful Divertimento in F Major. Next we will hear one of the most powerful and poignant works of the 20th Century – Barber’s Adagio for Strings, before ending the concert in style with Dvorak’s Serenade for Strings, a beautiful melting pot of Czech folk idioms and the composers own natural creativity.

    Sunday 19th July 2009 at 17 h
    Venue : CASTELRENG

    Young Virtuosi String Orchestra

    Programme :
    E. Elgar: Serenade for Strings
    F. Mendelssohn: String Symphony No. 12
    J.S. Bach: Violin Concerto in E Major o Allegro o Adagio o Allegro Assai
    A. Borodin: String Quartet No. 2 (arr. String orchestra)

    Join the Young Virtuosi Festival Orchestra this evening, as they perform works by European masters. Elgar’s Serenade for Strings shows the great British composer at his best, effortlessly capturing in sound, the rolling countryside of his native rural England. Mendelssohn’s 12th String Symphony is an effervescent masterpiece – a combination of his Mozartian heritage and the new unfolding Romanticism of his era. Borodin’s 2nd String Quartet is a pillar of the chamber music repertoire. Lyrical and warm it exploits the singing flexibility of the string sound to perfection. The YVFO is also delighted to welcome this evening Stephanie Childress for her debut performance of the ever popular Baroque masterpiece, Bach’s violin concerto in E Major.

    Tuesday 21st July 2009 at 21h
    Venue : CASTELRENG


    Programme :
    Rachmaninoff, Debussy, Chopin

    Wednesday 22nd July 2009 at 21h
    The Young Virtuosi Gala Concert
    Venue : LIMOUX –Eglise de l’Assomption

    Young Virtuosi String Orchestra

    Programme :
    G. Puccini: I Crisantemi
    J. Suk: Serenade for Strings
    G. Paure: Pavane
    Vivaldi: Concerto for 4 Violin
    S. Rachmaninoff: Vocalise
    P.I. Tchaikovsky: Serenade for Strings

    The Young Virtuosi Festival Gala Concert promises an eclectic mix of music, and represents the culmination of the fantastic artistic vision that has been this year’s festival. Alongside classic repertoire, like Rachmaninoff’s Vocalise and Faure’s haunting Pavane, enjoy the less familiar, yet no less brilliant sounds of Puccini’s I Crisantemi and Josef Suk's Serenade for Strings. Antonin Dvořák noticed a melancholy strain in much of Suk's music, and recommended he write some lighter and more cheerful music. Based on Dvořák's suggestion, Suk produced tonight's work. Finally we round off the evening with our grand finale – Tchaikovsky’s Serenade for Strings. A work of both grand gesture and touching intimacy, it makes the perfect end to a week of special music making.


    Artistic Director: William Kunhardt

    Executive Director: ChristianeWuillamie

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